Sunday, 29 April 2012

Oops! But better late.....

...than never, they say!  So much sunshine yesterday that we were out for ages, scoping out some exciting and some not-so-exciting survey sites.  Had a fab walk down to Meanwood Park, taking in some of our flighty friends along the way - orange-tip butterflies spotted in a cottage garden, but far too fast to catch on film today.  These were a bit more camera-friendly....
This little guy sat basking in the sun for ages

Bask, bask, bask.....!  Epistrophe eligans?

Some need a rest, even though warm enough to be very fast and flighty
 This is a really green part of town, and I'm looking forward to getting down here later on.  It was a huge contrast to the bleakness of the tiny paved yards we've seen in other parts of Leeds, and the scale, lushness and vitality of the vegetation felt quite exotic.  And indeed was, in places....

Checking out some skunk cabbage


  1. Hey... nice bug pics, but what sort of gardens or open spaces are you looking to work in?

    1. Thanks! We're looking in pretty much any kind of garden, so we've got everything from paved yards to fabulously wildlife-diverse places. Though it sounds a bit odd to be surveying what appear to be bare open spaces, these are included because we are looking at what kinds of management and substrates favour pollinators in an urban context. Though it'd be nice to only survey the green and flowery spaces, it wouldn't reflect the reality of twenty-first century towns and cities, and that is what we need to do. Hope that makes sense - get back to us if it doesn't, or if you have any other questions or comments :)

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