Friday, 17 August 2012

Raindrops keep fallin' on our heads...

.... so here's a bit of good Yorkshire sunflower sunniness from yesterday's visit to the allotments to keep you all chipper!

Huge thanks

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the feedback, comments and info we've been getting through the blog, email and twitter... I hoped that this blog would become more than a means for the teams to communicate, and it certainly seems that is the case - so please keep dropping by :)

Blog stats

I know what you're thinking... stats? Yaaawn! .... but hang on, these are the good stats (not the ones that send you to sleep, or into a delirium of confusion).  Just to let you know that you're not the only ones who are having a look now and again, we have to date had over 3,000 page views since going live back in April, and our audience has included people from UK, USA, Russia, France, China, Netherlands, Greece, India, Poland, Canada, Germany and Ukraine - and a few others that I know about, but that have dropped off the end.  So a big hello to all you blog viewers! And well done, teams.  Why, I almost feel like my work here is done ;) (... though apparently it's not, so I'd better crack on...).


  1. Interesting that there are really people reading our blog as we never really get comments. But it is really nice that people seem to find it interesting enough to read and it motivates a lot to write more blog entries

  2. I suspect that the tweeting gets more response, as it's immediate and nicely soundbite-y, but yes, we do have people reading the blog, and I thought it about time you were all told! Personally, I'm finding it very interesting, comparing the similarities and differences in teams' experiences and observations - though I am guilty of nodding and saying, "Ah yes...." but not leaving a comment. So, keep up the good work, chaps and chapesses :)