Monday, 21 January 2013

Footprints in the snow – the secret life of allotments

If you ever wondered what is happening on your allotment (or in your garden) when you are not there, now is the time to find out. At the moment, snow covers much of the ground and this gives you a pretty good clue about what urban wildlife frequents your local area. You just have to look to the ground and you will be amazed about how many different animal trails you can find.
Sometimes, you can also see what the animals were up to, if they were running or walking slowly, if they were looking for food or if they were unlucky and got eaten by a predator. If you find half-eaten vegetables on your allotment or in your garden the footprints will give away the culprit and if you have fenced in your vegetable patch now is the time to check if it is really rabbit-proof. 

a faster rabbit
a rabbit hopping slowly

This fence is obviously not rabbit proof

A fox trail
A pigeon, probably looking for cabbages

A cat trail
A rat coming out of its burrow

A pigeon trail

with rat and mice trails you can always see the impression of the tail in the snow   

Small birds looking for seeds

Have a look when you are out and about the next time, it will be nice to hear what animal trails you have discovered.

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