Thursday, 28 February 2013

Some blog statistics

First a big thank you to all who have visited our Urban Pollinators Project blog so far and for the feedback, comments and info we've been getting through the blog, email and twitter. We hope you enjoyed reading about pollinators, flowers, our field work and other urban related things. For those who are interested in some blog statistics please read on.

We have started our blog in May 2012 and have reached 10 500 page views now. To us this sounds quite a lot. Most people find our blog via our project website ( as well as via Twitter, Facebook and Google. Most people who visit our blog come from the UK, USA, Russia, Germany and France. A lot of people also visit from Canada, India, Netherlands, Australia and Ireland. It is interesting to see that people from all over the world are interested in urban pollinators and in what we are doing.

Your top 5 favourite blog posts are the following:

1. Mahonia: a magnificent magnet for winter-active pollinators

2. Tried and tested pollinator-friendly flowers for your allotment or vegetable patch

3.  Reading Flower Meadows in August 2012

4. A perfect day of garden sampling

5. Late flowers for pollinators

Watch this space to read more about what we were up to the last 2 years as we will publish a project update in the next couple of weeks. As the new field season will start in April you can also follow our urban adventures again soon :-).

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  1. NorthernTeacher1 March 2013 at 16:28

    Good to see your stats and looking forward to your next post. Your work is very important and I now have 2 winter flowering shrubs especially for the bees :-)