Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Reading Flower Meadows in May 2013

Here we are again with our monthly update on the Reading flower meadows.

We are sowing 10 annual flower meadows this year (5 more than last year) and Reading council has already prepared the seedbed, ready for sowing. All we need is some rain now but looking at the weather forecast I think we will get lucky tomorrow. So watch this space for the next update on first signs of germination.
The annual flower meadow seedbed is prepared, ready for sowing

We have established 5 perennial flower meadows in Reading last year which will be flowering for the first time this year. We have visited the perennial meadows today and they are starting to grow now. Lots of dandelion, daisies and dead-nettle flowering but as they are good pollinator plants we leave them be. In a few weeks time our sown species will start to flower; the first ones flowering will probably be Red campion (Silene dioica), Ox-eye daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare) and Wild carrot (Daucus carota).

Ellen is looking at our meadow in Cintra Park
Cintra Park meadow with Hairy-footed flower bee
We also did some weeding and removed docks and nettles
If you have a closer look the meadows already look quite pretty
Dandelion with Dead-nettle gives a nice colour combination
This Hairy-footed flower bee likes the Dead-nettles
Our perennial meadow at Portman Road
The first Red campion flower is already opening
A pretty patch of Common mouse-ear (Cerastium fontanum)
Wild carrot in our meadow in Westfield Rd Recreation Ground
This mining bee (Andrena) is enjoying a dandelion flower
Some Ribwort plantain flowering in one of our meadows

Watch out for the next update on flowering progress and the start of the meadow sampling in a month`s time.

To read more about our flower meadows have a look here. To find the flower meadow locations in Reading look here.

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