Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Some blog statistics and the 10 most read blog posts

Our Urban Pollinators blog was started in April 2012 and has attracted quite a large audience over the time. We have 53 533 page views in total at the moment and an average of about 4000 page views per month. We have readers from all over the world but mainly from the UK, USA, Germany, France, Canada, Russia and China.

Some articles are more interesting to our readers than others. Here are the 10 most read blog posts so far:

1. Tried and tested pollinator-friendly flowers for your allotment or vegetable patch

2. Phacelia tanacetifolia – a great plant for bees

3. Range expansion of the tree bumblebee

4. Mahonia: a magnificent magnet for winter-active pollinators

5. The Bee & Bee in your garden or how to help solitary bees

6. Cowslip (Primula veris): Sweet spring brew

7. How to recognise perennial meadow plant species when they are not in flower - part 1

8. Early spring flowers for pollinators

9. The Hairy-footed flower bee (Anthophora plumipes): a love affair with Pulmonaria

10. Late flowers for pollinators

And here are some more seasonal articles: 

Frozen beauties: Flowers in winter

Where do pollinators go in winter?
Footprints in the snow – the secret life of allotments

Winter flowers for bees and other pollinators

We wish all our readers a great 2014 and hope you will continue visiting our Urban Pollinators blog this year

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