Friday, 4 May 2012

...and so to bed

We've been posting a lot about the weather this week, it seems, and understandably so when you consider how much it impacts on our ability to do some fieldwork.  Though it's frustrating waiting for the weather to warm up, this slow start has actually been very useful for me (being the newest member of the team), as it's given me the chance to practice some of the more unfamiliar techniques, and to make some necessary improvements to some of the equipment (my patent collapsible quadrat will no doubt feature in some photos at some point!).

But it's the little things that are the stars of this week, and today's little star was a long-faced, long-tongued Bombus hortorum.... and yes, just for a change, that's not a dandelion!

B. hortorum and brunch companion

And nor is this, with what was definitely the shiniest, most golden moth we've yet seen!

(it's a fairy longhorn - what a fab (and fitting) name!)

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