Thursday, 24 May 2012

Return to the graveyard bees, and more B. hypnorum action

We returned to the scene of the Andrena nest today, hoping to follow up that sighting of so many little Andrena bees queueing up to emerge from an underground void in a graveyard in north Leeds.  What we found was a distinct lack of Andrena - only one was seen around the nest entrance, over the whole time we were on site.  What we did see in relative abundance, again, was more Nomada bees - several quartered the ground around the entrance to the underground void, and seemed to be investigating small round holes around the edge of the slab, as well as descending into the void itself (though not staying long!)

Nomada descending into communal Andrena nest (look really, really hard!)

A further group were spotted hawking around a memorial stone at the other end of the cemetery - small, brown and yellow, and far too fast on the wing to capture on film! 

And following on from yesterday's woodland coupling, we were lucky enough to spot yet another  B. hypnorum queen with piggybacking regent flying outside the nest up in the corner of the Bio Sciences building on campus.  They made a few victory fly-pasts, then disappeared into a nearby alder tree.  It must just be that time of year, I guess!

Comings and goings at the front door
Back in the entrance (a hole in the concrete above the doorway), others were queueing up to come out, or maybe just to watch the goings-on outdoors. 

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