Friday, 22 June 2012

Charismatic MICRO-fauna

It has long been remarked that conservation funds and attention are focused largely on the charismatic fluffy and feathery mega-fauna.  Well, we won’t argue with prevailing opinion, but we do think it’s worth addressing the size issue.  Can small invertebrates get honorary membership in the category? We think this tiny bumble bee should! 

We encountered this little fluff-ball in an allotment in Reading and it is now part of the growing collection of specimens we have from urban areas across the town. So far, we’ve not encountered any other insects that compete with this little fellow in the cute-stakes. Could there be any potential contenders from other Project cities? Watch this space...


  1. I'm sure we can find a contender for the cute award!

  2. I agree that the cutest bees I've seen so far have been these male Bombus pratorums... brilliant photo!

  3. Bombus be commonly re-named the Teddy Bear Bee then?!