Thursday, 14 June 2012

Stuck Van on Allotment Site

When we arrived at our region 5 allotment site we found a stuck van blocking the entrance gate. As we got out the driver explained that he came in with a load of wood chippings which must have weighted the van down so it just fit under the iron bar over the gate. After he emptied the load of wood chippings and drove back out the van was a bit higher (because it was lighter) so it got stuck under the iron bar over the gate.

We all tried to help now and Peter and the driver first lifted the iron bar a little bit, the driver was then standing on the van pushing it down and Peter was driving the van slowly under the bar while the driver kept pushing the van down. We got the van trough the gate but the iron bar got loose so we had to fix it into its former position again ... .

But at least the entrance gate was free again and we could drive in to do the allotment transect ;-).

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