Thursday, 5 July 2012

One plant, three pollinators

Just a quickie!

As the summer progresses, it's interesting seeing the succession of plants changing - from the Spring flowers, predominantly yellow along our transects, we've moved into the very mixed palette of early Summer, and it seems that every day there are more plants, especially cultivated plants, for us to scratch our heads over a while (none of us being very knowledgeable gardeners).  I'm tempted to set up a rogue's gallery of plants I'm not sure of, in the hopes that a passing blogger might be able to lend us a hand with the ID (geraniums come to mind - who would have known there were so many!).

The pollinators, however, have fewer doubts about which plants are which, and it's not always the showy, brightly coloured ones that are of most interest... In a garden yesterday, we came across a subtle pink Astrantia, with at least three different pollinators on it:
Hylaeus on Astrantia

ID, anyone? :) - Update: apparently, this is also Hylaeus. Oops!
Someone's got to know this one! I'll update ASAP...
Update (10 July): The second pic is apparently also of a Hylaeus.  We netted the rather shaggy chap (or chappess) in the third pic, so will see how we get on with the ID on that........

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