Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A taste for buddleia

One of the gardens we surveyed in south Leeds today had two buddleia bushes - one with white flowers, one with the more familiar purple flowers.  There were butterflies all over this garden - it's taken a while, but they're finally starting to make a very welcome show.  We spotted peacock, tortoiseshell, whites and red admirals, visiting the buddleia and mophead hydrangeas, and basking on the path in the warm sun.

Butterflies enjoying the sun!

The whites flitted through, scarcely stopping to sup at all; the tortoiseshells seemed to have very eclectic taste, visiting pretty much any flower in the garden.  The peacocks and red admirals, however, seemed to show a marked preference for one kind of buddleia over the other - the peacocks were predominantly seen visiting the purple-flowered bush, while the red admirals gathered on the foamy white flowers of the other bush. 

Peacock butterfly (Inachis io) on purple-flowered buddleia

Red admirals (Vanessa atalanta) on white-flowered buddleia


  1. That is great you have seen all these butterflies. We have not seen a single butterfly on the Buddleia bushes this year and people asked us what happened to the butterflies this year. But we keep seeing more butterflies now, and I also see more in mu allotment.

  2. Not many butterflies in Bristol either. I've seen a few red admirals, but they have all escaped my net. On one of my days off I chased one in Ashton Court, only for it to embarrass me in front of several families.